Tula Pink Nebula Block of the Month Kit, with Tula Pink and Jaybird Quilts

  • $322.00

This fabulous 96x96 Queen Size quilt is a collaboration between Tula Pink and Jaybird Quilts to bring you the Tula Pink Nebula Block of the Month! 

Create a shining star with no Y-seams with Tula Pink and Jaybird Quilts! (We repeat: NO Y SEAMS!) 

This is a 10-Month program that runs from January 2021 to October 2021. We have 3 separate payment plans, the "Get it Over With" which is the whole cost/shipping fees up front, the "Three's A Charm" where you pay three times (January, April, July) for that group's blocks, and the "Slow Burn", or, monthly payment. The monthly payment will be a smaller up front payment, but as we're shipping to you 10 times and not 3, the shipping fees may add up a bit more. Any shipping fees (mainly for monthly customers) in addition to the cost of the block will be refunded, as shipping is calculated into the price. 

I'll (April, The Trendy Little Geek) be sewing along too, creating stuff on both Instagram and the blog for you to either laugh at or learn from. I'm not really sure which way this will go.

There are two recommended rulers for this project from Jaybird, the Hex 'N More, and the Sidekick. We don't sell rulers, but we are going to go ahead (from past experience with other quilts...) and recommend you get them. They can be found from shops that carry Jaybird's patterns and rulers, (maybe one local to you!) found here: 


LAST BUT NOT LEAST: There is an EXCLUSIVE SWAG BAG project bag designed by Tula herself for this BOM kit. It has room enough for ALL your blocks! Preorder before 12/10/2020 (kits ship December sometime for January start) using either the "Three's A Charm" or "Get it Over With" methods, and you'll get this bag with your January stuffs for FREE. Yes. FREE. 

Okay, last thing, promise. This quilt doesn't include backing. You can purchase the coordinating Linework backing in the amount you'll need (3yds) for this here in our regular preorder (pay half now, half later) format. We'll invoice you for the other half and ship this when the line arrives in October.