Shipping, Returns, and FAQ

Will you hold or reserve fabric for me?

Want fabric before it comes out, and to be SURE you'll be the first one to get it the minute it lands in the studio? Preorders are a great option! Plus, ALL preorders with a combined yard or more of the line (multiple charm packs or fat quarters count towards this) get a free mini charm pack, with 2 of each print in the line. 

If you're looking for us to reserve or hold fabric for you until a later date or time, please contact us. However, please keep in mind that we try to be as fair as possible to all of our customers, and additionally, we pay for all of our inventory up front, so holds may not always be possible, especially for popular prints or lines. 

How is shipping determined?

Shipping is based on weight. Parcels weighing less than one pound ship via first class, domestically. Those over that limit ship by Priority, either a padded flat rate envelope (up to about 9 yards of fabric) or a box (anything over). 

Do you offer International Shipping?

We do ship internationally! At this time, international shipping is all set up to calculate to your order based on weight and destination. However, as nothing ever seems to be *perfect* with these types of things, feel free to send us an email if you think something is off with the charges you're being shown. (And sorry, international shipping is EXPENSIVE.)

Do you refund excess shipping charges?

Yes. Occasionally shipping will be over charged, or we may be able to ship it more cheaply via a different method, like a regional rate domestic box. In this case, we'll refund any excess shipping charges to you!

Help! I need to change my address!

Unfortunately, our current system does not allow us to change customer addresses, and PayPal is very stringent about ship to addresses in order to keep seller protections in place. Email us or reach out via social media (facebook or instagram) if there is an address issue with your order- we'll work to resolve it with you, usually by refunding the original order and issuing a paypal invoice. Please also be aware that address changes may bring additional postal fees, as shipping rates for most packages are destination based. 

Do you accept returns?

Yes- simply mail the fabric back to us in original condition, and we'll refund (minus shipping) no questions asked. Please let us know ahead of time so we can be on the lookout for the package. Refunds will be processed once we have the fabric back and have verified the condition of the fabric. Please also be aware that if you use a "return to sender" method, it might take a while to get back to us, as these mail pieces receive the slowest treatment in the USPS system. Your refund will be processed as soon as we get the fabric back though, we promise!

What about cancellations?

We know sometimes things happen. (Or, you know, your significant other finds out you ordered more fabric.) Contact us within 24 hours for a no-questions asked cancellation and full refund. If the order hasn't shipped yet, even beyond the 24 hour point, we'll gladly cancel and refund.  

How long before my order ships?

We know how hard it is to wait! Under normal conditions, we try to ship in three days. Please allow some variation on this due to weather conditions, supplier delays, and other extenuating circumstances. Feel free to contact us for an update on your order at any time. 

I need this by (date). Can you do that?

In a rush? Need fabric by a certain date? Contact us before placing your order and we'll let you know if we can accommodate, or offer suggestions for shipping options or upgrades that would get it to you faster. 

Do you offer custom cuts, like fat eighths? 

At this time, our smallest cut available on the site is a fat quarter. However, if you're in search of a wide variety of smaller cuts, contact us and we'll let you know if it would be possible. Please keep in mind that smaller cuts are more labor intensive, so these orders may not be possible during peak volume times. 

Who is The Trendy Little Geek?

First off, congratulations! You've made it to our very (next to) last FAQ! Wow! The Trendy Little Geek is April, the owner. She's a graphic designer and quilter with a passion for bright colors and cheerful, whimsical fabrics. She came up with it while studying for her Graphic Design degree, then kept it because her professor thought it was a terrible name for a quilt fabric business. She thinks of herself as a "fabric curator" and thinks the name embodies the designers she chooses to showcase in the shop. 

HALP! (Contact us!)

Still not finding the info you need? Want to know if we're getting a collection you have your eye on? Email, or just (I mean, they both end up in the same inbox) or call us at 917-789-4095 and we'll do our best to help. Please be aware we're on US EST, but night owls, so we do our best when it comes to answering calls at all hours!