Calls for Masks During Corona-19 Outbreak- UPDATED 3/23

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Updated on 3/23 to add this very useful info from our friends over at Gotham Quilts.

PLEASE do not call NYC hospitals to ask about masks. Their switchboards are already overloaded with other calls at this urgent time.

THE MOST important thing we can do is continue to pressure our representatives to get these crucial supplies to our healthcare workers. Homemade masks are ONLY to be used in DIRE circumstances- and we don't want to get there in the first place! (They can be useful for yourself if you do not have any other means of protection for going out and about.) 

Find your gov't officials for NYC:

Other locations:

Get on the phone. Send an email. Healthcare workers are depending on these supplies!

If you'd still like to help by sewing, 

A nurse at Mt. Sinai is requesting them- they can be mailed here:

Mout Sinai West
3G Rehab Unit
ATTN: Sonia Mains
1000 10th Ave
New York, NY 10019



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Dear Friends,

I know sewing is normally our happy place, where we go to relax, take time for ourselves, and de-stress. This is VERY important, especially in times like these.

But I, April (The Trendy Little Geek herself), am only here today sewing with all of you beautiful people thanks to the hundreds of healthcare workers who have helped to keep me alive through various challenges over the course of my life. And right now they're asking for our help. They are OUT of masks. OUT. NO MORE. So as an emergency measure, they're asking those who sew to make them masks that they will be able to sanitize and re-use until the supply chain is able to catch up.

100% cotton is recommended for these masks. The single, heat resistant fiber ensures they won't melt in the autoclave and can be safely used again. If possible, I'd also make ties out of cotton, for the same reason. (Melting elastic is no bueno, and heat over time breaks down elastic.) If you have quilting fabric, use that! All manufacturers that we source from (Andover, FreeSpirit) are 100% cotton. 

Here's the link to the original pattern posted by Deaconess-

Here's another pattern roundup on another blog, lots of pattern options!

And a special thank you to our friends at Andover for reaching out and getting the whole Andover family to boost the signal. 

And while we're at it, the one guy at Andover who always answers my phone calls about where our fabric is at ;)

We'll get working on some Tula and Alison masks, and be back soon with photos! To ensure these get put to the best use, we're encouraging you to call your local hospitals or other facilities that may need them, such as skilled nursing facilities, to set up donations. Here's a link for those, like us, local to NYC with some ideas:

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