It's Been a Bit Messy Around Here... But there's a Beautiful New Quilt Kit too!

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Hey y'all. Or Everyone. Or Youse Guys. 

Just a quick update here- Invoices for the month of April for those who pay by the month for Nebula have JUST gone out. Sorry about this slip up- I'd planned to do this whole automated invoicing thing, and it just... yeah. Well. They're out there, and kits will be shipped ASAP- because, hey! April isn't over yet!

Also speaking of April, I still haven't done MY April BOM. I kinda left one of the rulers at my parent's place in PA on accident, but I have it now. Now the hard part- my fabric pull for this month, and then onto the sewing. This month's block looks a lot more cutting focused as opposed to sewing. Gotta admit, those aren't my favorite months, but I'm 100% committed to blogging this thing and getting it DONE (I mean, it's going to be gorgeous!) so that'll be forthcoming. 

I feel bad having an all downer blog post, so here's one bright spot- we have preorders up for this GORGEOUS Solar Flare quilt kit:

A beautiful foundation paper pieced pattern by Stacey Day, this quilt will be approximately 60in square, a great size for a bed throw or to snuggle under. And of course, how could any pattern go wrong with Tula's amazing colors?! This quilt kit is anticipated to ship in July, but we think due to trade delays (which are affecting ALL of our lines at this point) it could be more like August. We only have 10 of these, so if you see it and you like it, now's the time! As per our knowledge now, the pattern will not be released separately. 

And finally- the reason the train has gone off the tracks this month- my (April's) personal facebook page was hacked; we suspect with info from the facebook leak. That account is now locked, but the thing is, that was the business admin for our Trendy Little Geek facebook page. We've been trying every method possible to get in contact with the folks (if they have actual folks, which I'm starting to doubt) to be able to get this page back, but for now it's not looking great. This, along with the ever-continuing health issues I face have led to a real doozy.

Owning a business isn't for the faint of heart! But I love quilting, and I love spreading joy through fabric, so, onwards and upwards!


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