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Friends, I'm back with another not-so-fun-to-write post. 

We've heard all over the news about the recent USPS trouble 

(If not, Here's a rundown)

Unfortunately, we have a few shipments of packages out that we know we're having trouble with. The latest went out on August 19th, and were picked up at our studio door by the USPS 

The crazy thing? We have video of them being picked up! We've decided not to post it or screenshots out of respect for the individual worker- we KNOW they are not responsible for this. 

But, three days later, the packages are all still showing "pre-transit" when tracked. 

I dropped off more packages at the post office today, and waited at the window, pickup confirmation in hand, to ask about the mysteriously not tracking packages.

I was told by someone that they had a new postmaster who had instructed them not to scan packages for a FEW DAYS. Again- this poor person is stuck in the middle, only the messenger. So, I bought my stamps and came home to let you all know. 

As someone who's life kind of revolves around e-commerce, this just drives me up the flipping wall!!! (Not to mention, I do my share of online shopping too. *cough* *cough*) 

So, the question is- what can we all DO?


Here's a Site to help you find them!



Not sure what to say? Just say, "I'm calling to tell Representative/Senator (Insert Name Here) that I'm deeply concerned about recent changes implemented by Louis DeJoy at the USPS; they're affecting me as a customer (you can elaborate a bit here) and I'd like to know what actions you are taking to help re-stabilize the USPS and restore it to its former level of function." 

Even better- Call, AND Send a letter! Using a stamp! That you bought! 

Buy Stamps! Stamped mail and first class packages are the highest profit margin items for the USPS! 

My favorites


Others I also like:

Scooby Doo!!!

And fun fact about me for this post- I love/collect frogs! (Not real ones! Just the cute not real ones, haha!) So these are right up my alley!

They also have spooky themed stamps, flowers, some national parks- so many! 

The USPS store also has some other merchandise, like 


And if enamel pins are more your speed, (like me- I have a HUGE collection!) right now you can get an enamel pin of the 19th Amendment Stamp- celebrating Women's Voting rights!



And last but not least- they have reusable bags! Lots of designs!

We're not going to link to them- but we'll tell you- we ordered.... a few. They'll be a free gift with orders over an undetermined-as-of-yet threshold. 
(*Sigh* look- I am Queen of all I survey, but I still gotta consult with other brains on some of this stuff sometimes. These guys were an impulse buy, like all my best ideas, haha! I mean... DINOSAURS!) 


Well, that's all for tonight, folks.

Actually... not quite-

I've got something up my sleeve... I'm cooking up a postage-inspired quilt! More to come. (I mean, really I'm still at the sketching phase.)

And one more factoid since you've made it this far- I didn't know the USPS logo was an Eagle (facing right) until I was... embarrassingly old to not know it's an eagle. Like early or mid 20s. 



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