Why would I leave a tip in a Quilt Store?

Posted by April Hansen on

Well, apart from maybe, "Cut faster! I gotta get sewing!" Haha!

That's a great question. 

Here at the Trendy Little Geek a lot of what we do isn't "above and beyond" or anything spectacular. We make sure money is passed around so nobody starves and relies on tips. *eyes restaurant industry suspiciously*

But shopify recently gave us a nifty little idea. We now have a virtual "tip jar" at checkout. And nope, we don't deserve it. We've priced things fairly for our time and labor. 


There are so many people that do. So our "tip jar" will be going to them. For the rest of the month of May, it'll be going, as will our SOLIDarity Collection proceeds, to the Food Bank for New York City. This will help with some of the immediate pain of the outbreak in our home of Brooklyn and throughout the five boroughs. 

In June and July we'll be doing another special item/line to donate from, and pooling that with our tips to give grants to North Carolina Public School art teachers. My home state, and Alma Matter (Meredith College! Woo!) are feeling the impact of arts funding cuts severely. Meredith is largely a teaching college, and a good number of highly respected art teachers come from this school. They're telling us all on social medial about how non-existent their funds have been for years now. Students will need to PROCESS what has happened during this time, and I firmly believe art is simply the best way to help them do that in the school setting. Not to mention, I simply never would have been where I am today without the great arts programing at my High School that got me into textiles (Sewing 101) and design (Graphic Design I-III). I probably would have majored in European History and shut myself in a library. I'm sure you all, just as I so deeply do, want those doors and avenues to remain open to our public school students. 


Any Idea what line we should do/what you'd purchase if we donated 25% of the proceeds in June and July? HomeMade? Some fancy USB drives? EPP pieces and chalk pencils/pens? Other new things you want us to stock? Let us know, give us a shout in the comments here of @thetrendylittlegeek on Instagram!


Oh yeah, just to put as a disclaimer. Tips will not get your order out at Amazon speed. (Well, right now, we're going FAR FASTER than amazon speed, but you know what we mean.) They won't put you to the front of the line. They're just another thing we're doing to help this community of lovely people spread the love around and help some fellow humans. 

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