Spring 2021 Releases from FreeSpirit, Tip Jar Update and Thank you!

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A week or so ago we got a first look at what FreeSpirit is releasing this Spring, and wow, does it look amazing! 

But first, we wanted to update you all on our tip jar- going forward, we're going to be doing quarterly donations. This will allow us to increase our impact for our chosen charities, and, being 300% transparent, puts a little less stress on us. This quarter we've gone with The Liberty Fund, a fund based in NYC that helps with posting bail and provides resources for those formerly incarcerated. We raised $143.65 in tips/our SOLIDarity collection sales this quarter, and rounded up to $157.50 (a $150 donation plus covering their payment processing fees for the donation). We hope you all feel as good about this as we do- they do such important work to help those who find themselves in the midst of our criminal justice system. 


Now- on to new fabric! 

First we'll show you some old friends- back in a new way! Holiday Homies flannel will ship June 2021, with the addition of one new print and a few new solid flannel coordinates!

Because this is premium flannel, our price for this will be $13.00 per yard, as we're paying a bit more for it than regular cotton. But we know it will be more than worth it for that warm, snuggly flannel feeling! 

See the hidden trees in the second print?! We love Tula's details like that!

There's also some new patterns featuring these fun prints that will be coming out in the next few months! We really love this one called Mountain Lodge from Charisma Horton that will be available at charismascorner.com for purchase! 

Another that caught our eye will be free from FreeSpirit on their website, from Stacey Day called the Merry and Bright Quilt:

Suffice it to say- we're already looking forward to snuggling under this stuff!


Now on to the earlier release, Tula's Spring 2021 collection, Curiouser and Curiouser!

This collection is based on Alice in Wonderland, and features her sister, Jo, as Alice. She shared this drawing with us on a Tula Talk a few weeks ago, and I think it's just charming!

(It's now the background on my lock screen, too. I LOVE her drawings!)

There are two portrait prints in this line, Alice, and the Red Queen. We're offering a special bundle that includes your choice of fat quarter or half yard cuts of the rest of the line, plus a whole yard of each of the portraits! We think they're great!

Of course, there's many more fabulous prints in the line, 25 in all, to accompany them, in four color groupings. Here's a secret easter egg- use code mcangel for 10% off your whole order! If you look closely, you can even see at the bottom where the coordinates for each group have been laid out, using solids, PomPoms and Stripes, and True Colors!

There's also a quilt kit for this, Mad Hatter's Tea Party! We'll have orders up for this kit here- order now, so you don't miss out on your chance for this awesome quilt kit. We're also being told the pattern is ONLY available with the kit!

And there's also this fat quarter friendly one from Tula herself that will be on the freespirit website in April that's captured our hearts- Queen of Hearts!


Tula talked a lot about how special this collection is to her- and it really is to me, April, too. 

I went to a small, Women's College in Raleigh NC called Meredith. We did a lot of crazy, wacky, fun, stuff. Instead of Homecoming, we had Corn Huskin'. (It was a WHOLE thing, but SO MUCH fun!!!) And one of our biggest traditions was that every four years, the staff would put on a (modified to suit the times) production of Alice in Wonderland. It was supposed to be once per college generation- but, due to taking a break for major surgery and sticking around an extra semester, I got to see Alice twice- as a Freshman, and a Senior. It was truly magical both times, and holds a special place in my heart forever. That's why I'm SO. BEYOND. THRILLED to sew with a Tula Alice in Wonderland collection!!! 

Also, I 100% geeked out on these fabric listings. And if you haven't, I highly recommend you read The Annotated Alice, by Martin Gardner. It takes this wonderful read to a whole new, crazy, level! Thanks Dad- and sorry, I still probably have your copy of that and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy somewhere in this studio. 

That's all the news I have this time- and MAN was it a lot! It's going to be such a thrilling Spring! Stay tuned as we pick our next quarter's Tip Jar recipient and more in our next post! (We're keeping our ears to the ground and trying to source out a few possible places now!)

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