Surprise! We're Moving The Studio to Manhattan!

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It feels like we've been on the move an awful lot- we have! Well, we spent the first two months of the year on hold waiting in North Carolina for a kidney transplant for April (The Trendy Little Geek) that ended up not panning out, and then we were closed much of March as we and the rest of the world tried to figure out what to do. We opened up more in April-June with limited offerings from our PA base, and finally got back to NYC in July, only to turn around now in late October and be moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. 

Dang! It's been a year! 

We don't want to move. We really don't. But unfortunately there are some unresolved issues with tenants upstairs that threaten not only our fabric (indoor smoking) but also our continued health and safety. This unfortunately culminated a week or two ago when there was an incident when I (April speaking here- I generally do the blogs!) was coming in from another job and just getting in the building. Unfortunately, most other reasonable actions open to us have yielded little result thus far, and this latest incident has both my roommate and I fearing for our safety, and so we've decided it's best we look for another place to live. To be clear, the aggressor was another tenant, and NOT someone from the neighborhood. I continue to believe Greenwood Heights is a great place to live! (If you want any restaurant recommendations, I'm always more than happy to help!) 

With just a short hunt, we found what we think will be the perfect place in Washington Heights, right by Columbia Medical Center. While we don't want to move, we're excited to have a new neighborhood to call our own and look forward to getting to know everyone there just as we have here. 

Why spill all this on the blog? Well, it has unfortunately affected our shipping for Linework preorders. We just got our shipping notifications, and it looks like it will be here right around Moving Day on November 6th. We've decided to hold it until we're in the new studio and really hit the ground running with preorders and getting those cut and shipped from the new location. Check the new 10032 zip when you get it! (I'm also a little stupid excited to design "Shipped from NYC with love" stickers!!!)

We will send all of this out in an email, as we think it's important that as many of you know as possible- we've already put it up on Instagram! (I was so excited to let you all know!)

And I'm so sorry for a wall-of-text style blog post, but it's late, I gotta print shipping labels and pack boxes and try to get some sleep. 

Thank you SO SO MUCH for hanging in there with us through this. We promise linework, like all good things in life, is worth the wait!

-April aka The Trendy Little Geek 

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