KIS Bonus Week 5! Getting your Quilt Ready for the Quilter

Posted by April Hansen on

First off, the winner of the KIS Quit Along First Grand Prize is @lauraaust, and the Second Grand Prize winner of $100 store credit is @

kayleskounter We'll DM both of you on Instagram with further info! 

Laura, you'll want to pay special attention, as you've won quilting from this wonderful woman, Haley at Mistletoe Quilting Compay!

And with that- I'll let Haley take it away with this awesome graphic!



So bookmark this for all your future quilts, because I know I learned some things! I'm about to start a quilt with curves (okay, well, I mean, I'm thinking about maybe starting it sometime?!) so that tip about not steaming the seams will come in handy!

Also, we're working our way through the Alison Glass sale orders- slow and steady wins the race, right?! Anyways, they're coming! Some bolts were unfortunately a bit (or kind of not a bit) short, so large orders may be missing some items. Okay, quite a few orders because they were all huge orders. (Seriously, like our average number of items per order during the sale was in the high 20s, so these are some VERY large stash building orders.) We're refunding as we go, so if you get an email about that... that would be why. We've also included in the order what you're missing so there's no mystery. 

Also, since you made it to the end... we have an unclaimed full 42pc fat quarter bundle of True Colors up for grabs if you've been searching high and low for that. ;) 

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