KIS Week 4: Finishing the Quilt Top!

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Before we get into things, another shop update.

We've all been working double overtime to try and get True Colors out. We got a partial shipment last week, and the "rest" of the shipment this week. I say "rest" because while bolts are normally 15 yards, we got a number of 10 yard bolts. To cover preorders, we're having to dash around to other stores and buy up what we need to cover them. We've placed a restock order, which we're told will ship in August- we're expecting this means mid to late August at this point. Tula Solids are also backordered to that point; although we had been expecting a restock in early July. This is all due to COVID delays at EVERY part of the process- grey goods (unprinted/undyed cotton), printing mills, shipping services, warehouse staff- ALL of it has been impacted. We really wish we had better news to pass on to you, but we have to again ask for your patience as this all works itself out. Trust us, we're doing our absolute best to stay stocked and get things out in a timely manner. 

(Also, please note- if you made a large sale order, we might need a few days of grace to fill that, as we've been focusing on getting these uber late preorders out.) 

SO- you've pieced your top, and now it's time to add the borders and finish your quilt top! But first, make sure you've trimmed your jelly roll race pieces to match the fat quarter segments on top and bottom. (I forget whether I told you to do that last week or not, oops!)

Of your chosen border fabric, you'll need to cut 7 2.5in strips, and piece them together. 

Make sure you're piecing them RST (right sides together) DON'T do what I did here:

Attach this border to your quilt. I don't have fancy formal instructions for this- I start with one side, use scissors to square it off once I reach the end, then start on the next side, going around until I get back to the start. 

The second border is where things got a little less scientific in regards to this quilt.

As you can see from the photo below, I pieced the border according to the pattern repeat, so I could keep the all-important frog centered. This meant I had a 6.75in border, according to the fabric repeat. 

If you choose to do it this way, your wide border may be wider or narrower than mine, resulting in slightly different finished quilt size. But with great prints, it's more than worth it to take the time and cut by repeat! Also, should have taken a photo of this, but DON'T trust that the print aligns across the fold. Unfold it and be really careful when cutting!

The number of 2.5in strips you'll need for the second thinner final border will depend on how wide your wide border was- I was good with 8- and don't forget, if you use the same fabric, you can use any leftover from the first border!


And then you've finished your quilt top! Congratulations!

Next week (or so) I'll be back next week with tips from a longarm quilter so you know how to make their job easier before you send your quilt off, and to announce our big winner of a free longarm quilting of their quilt!

And then as a super bonus, I'll even be showing you how to bind it the following week! So stay tuned for more! 

But for now, take a step back and admire all of your hard work. Here's mine:


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