KIS Quilt Along Week 3- Piecing the Quilt!

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So this week in our Keep It Simple Quilt Along, you'll be piecing your top! 

As you can see from this diagram, the top consists of two (approximately) 60in Jelly Roll Race segments, and your trimmed Fat Quarters. 

To start, if you haven't already, audition your fat quarters for placement- I did this on my bed.

Once you're happy with the placement, sew the three rows together.
Side note- even though it seems painfully obvious and this step seems really simple, make sure all your fabrics are sewn the way you want them to face. Ask me how I know.... *facepalm*

Next, cut your jelly roll segments into approximately 3 equal parts. There's lots of ways to do this- I measured to about 33 in on my cutting board, doubled it over, and cut. 

Once you have the 3 jelly roll segments, audition them with your rows that you've pieced. 

(Crumpled row in the top right of the photo was the reject. Save it! You can do lots of stuff with it!)

I was actually really surprised how much switching the orientation or section changed the feel of the quilt! 

Then, lining up straight edges of your fat quarter row and your first jelly roll race row, sew the two together. 

Next, trim off the excess of the jelly roll race row, using the edge of your fat quarter row as a guide:

(I started from the bottom up.)

Next, attach the center row of Fat quarters. If you're a perfectionist, you might want to pin at seams (seams of your fat quarters should align across the jelly roll segment) to make sure they align. If you don't; don't worry- in all likelihood nobody will ever notice. I'm not sure they do really on my first quilt? I've never looked that close, haha!

Add the final jelly roll segment, trim, and finally the final fat quarter row.

You now have your quilt top almost done! Next week is borders, then off to the quilter!

Of course I rushed right into the borders so I don't *quite* have a finished photo of just this step, but this one is pretty close- it'll about exactly cover the top of a queen bed.

Also, this is Sonic. Say hi, Sonic!

Of course he tests out ALL new quilts. 

Stay tuned for next week, and be sure to check in on Instagram to be eligible for this week's prize!


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