Revisiting Face Masks

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One of my very first blog posts on this site was about sewing face masks, or more like, my attempt at so doing. 

If you haven't read it- let me summarize. I tried. I was mildly successful, if you count two plus hours, broken needles, much seam ripping, and many, many curse words as "successful". I basically swore it off- it was crazy-making.

Well, it's been a hot minute. I figured SOMEONE has to have made a better mousetrap, right? If everyone was having the same migraine-inducing ordeal sewing these, how could people possibly make enough to sell and give away?! 

Enter Lorrie NuneMaker. 

Maybe it was the glass of wine I had before attempting this. Maybe it was the three months that have passed since I last tried this. But I watched this video and had a rare feeling of "I CAN DO THIS!"

And you know what?


And there was NO cursing, seam ripping, needle breaking, or other nastiness involved! 

I immediately got my mom to try this pattern too- she'd had the same issues with the earlier pattern, despite years of sewing experience. (And she's a clothes person, so, like, I felt significantly less dumb when she was just as frustrated with pattern #1)

So here's how you can do it too!

The site with the link to template download

And Laurie's YouTube walk through:


Other things to love about this pattern-

There's a filter pocket!

She walks you through an easy way to make fabric ties, as most elastic is still TOS (temporarily out of stock) at most places.

There's multiple sizes, so you can make them to fit anyone!

Here's (one of) mine made with this pattern!
I even put makeup on!

Yes, this is De La Luna- but only from scraps. Don't worry, I basically never make masks from "good" pieces of fabric! 

Anyways, I'm glad to share this with you and say I've made many of these masks, sans seam ripper! Do you have a go-to pattern that you've been using? Do you have tips and tricks for those of us playing catch up? 

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