KIS Week 2 Update, and Embellishing with Ribbon!

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Hey guys!

So it seems as if the world has somehow gone topsy-turvy yet again, and some people are having trouble with the current timeline for the KIS quilt. That said, I'm going to push the next segment back until the 29th (next Monday) so you'll have that time to get your fabric and get it all cut. I want this to be NO STRESS, so let's all take a deep breath and get through this together! 

In other shop news- we're finally headed back to Brooklyn! Yay! We anticipate finally being back the first week in July. This means that the vault closes then, so get those orders in now! (But it also means we'll have Alison back in stock! Yay!)

So instead of moving on in the quilt along, today, I'm gonna show you how I used some of our new Tula Pink Ribbons to embellish a quilt I just finished from my March Tula Pink Cruise! 

Here it is; this was the class that Tula taught!

As it finished from the class, it was *just* big enough to be the top to a queen bed. But I need drape. I am a COVER HOG y'all. I added the borders (1.5in borders in ROY G BIV Tula Solids colors from the quilt) plus another 3.5in border of the white used in the quilt to give it some nice hang. 

But I couldn't stop there. I had these great, new, ribbons just waiting to be used in their box. Okay, I mean, maybe I should sell them too, but... come on!! So I decided to use one of my favorites to add even more pizazz to the very edges, the white outside border of the two longest sides. 

Look at that fun-ness! Also, I'd like to point out the eye there- that was a fun little addition because as I got to the VERY END (this was the last corner) I was JUST shy on fabric. JUST shy. And I'll be darned if I was going to cut a 1.5x44in strip just for a 1.5x1.5in PIECE. So I found this lying around, fussy cut it, and ta-da! It's now one of my favorite parts of the quilt. 

So here's how I did it:

There's two ways to baste ribbon that I've used:

The old fashioned way (which I ended up doing this time)


Or the other way-

A drop of this every few inches. You would have to wait a few minutes for it to dry before moving on to stitching, though. 

I've also used this method completely in lieu of stitching before sending my Grand Salon quilt to the quilter (here's that one)

Now that it has been dropped off to be quilted, I’ve decided to share my All Stars quilt! This is a slight adaptation of the Grand Salon pattern in Tula Pink’s first book, created using collections from Full Moon Forest to All Stars, with all the frames made using the All Stars stripes. I’m so excited to see what it will look like finished!

These ribbons were then quilted in place. But this time I decided to stitch them down myself, like a good quilter, haha!

If you want to make sure your ribbon is at an exact length from the edge, this is the tool for that. I just eyeballed it- close enough! That tool is really made for hemming; so if you're short like me, one might be worth the investment for more than just this. (Again. I just eyeballed this and it turned out fine.) 

So, after pinning, I got to the machine. To sew this down I just let my 1/4in foot on, but used the inner "U" shape to align with to edge stitch:

Then, I repeated the process to stitch the other side, using the other side of the U as a guide for the second side:

When doing this, you want to at least use a complementary thread color, as you're going to see the stitching. I used a pink varigated thread from Tula's newest Aurifil collection for this. 

Trim up the ends, and you're done!

Need some other ideas of how to use ribbons?

Key Fobs are ever-popular! And in a few weeks, we'll have the rainbow hardware in stock again! (When we get back to Brooklyn, that is.)


 You can also make some pretty pillowcases from ribbon! This one was by SewSweetness but we couldn't find the info on her blog any more:

Beautiful cushion from the Tula Pink Booth at the 2013 Spring Quitl Market. Central panel made up of her soon to be released Classics series of Renaissance Ribbons. Beautiful. Blogged by Sew Sweetness


Have we inspired you to use ribbon in your next project? Want to check out what ribbon we have? You can find it all here

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