Keep It Simple Sew Along Week One

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Hey all! So excited to OFFICIALLY start this thing! By now it's June 15th, and you have your supplies and you've already let all of us see that gorgeousness over on instagram using #ttlgsimplesewalong and #ttlgkeepitsimplequilt ! I feel like I've been waiting forever to get you started with this project, but really it's only been a few weeks 'since I decided I was gonna do this thing! Now there's prizes, and people, and more importantly PRIZES and it feels real! 

Anyways- let's go over what you'll be doing this week. 

This week is just about cutting. That's all you have to do. So, if you went the precut method of buying an already done jelly roll or design roll, you're more than halfway done for the week! If not, don't fret- cutting 2.5in strips goes pretty quickly. I DO definitely recommend a 6.5x24in ruler like this one here for the job though- it will forever be your lifesaver when cutting WOF strips. I also like this one because it has little "grippy" dots that keep that fabric from shifting! 

And now, a photo montage of me cutting my 40 2.5inxWOF strips:

You should get 8 2.5in Strips out of each half yard cut if you're doing it the half yard way- but as discussed earlier, you'll have bookoo strips, so if you don't have 40 or mess up, NO WORRIES at ALL.

Next, cut the selvedge off the ends of the strips. You'll need to do this if you have a factory cut roll, too. 

Then, you'll have your finished jelly roll race strips ready to go! 

Yes, I may have painted my nails with the knowledge I was going to be taking photos of my hands for this tutorial. You're welcome. 

That's it for the strips- now onto the fat quarters! 

Your fat quarters will be cut down from 18x21(ish, depends on line and shop and the weather and some other things sometimes...) to 17x20 rectangles. 
Press all Fat Quarters first before cutting for most accurate results! 

This is where a large cutting board, 24x36 specifically, really comes in handy. Yes, I know what site I'm pointing you to- use a 40% off coupon and get a deal! 

I started by trimming down the selvedge to a straight edge/corner with one of the edges, then flipping and trimming the remaining two sides. 

As you can see in this photo, mom in PA has some super big cutting mats, so I laid out my rectangle starting on the 20in line here:

Repeat this step 8 more times until you have 9 17x20 rectangles. 

Now you have your strips and rectangles, and you're all set for the week! Don't forget to share on Instagram by 5pm EST 22nd (when the next week's fun starts!) with the hashtags #ttlgsimplesewalong and #ttlgkeepitsimplequilt for the chance to win this week's prize- a pack of 40 assorted 5 inch squares from Tula's collections from Moonshine forward! These are some awesome charm packs, guys. Just saying. Some samples shown below. There are 40 individual prints here- not yet for sale, and exclusive to us for this prize!




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