New Designer! Meet our latest addition to the tribe, Giucy Giuce!

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Hello all! 

First off, I'd like to get a bit of housekeeping out of the way. It seems as though google has cached' our old, old (old, old) website ( and not redirected it as we have directed *multiple* times. Oh well. The internet gods are not siding with us on this one, today. We're working urgently to address this issue, and refund customers affected by the inventory mismatches and whatnot involved in this. Our sincerest apologies, truly!

Also, while we're at it- let us know if you see anything on this site that doesn't match or isn't right! Color doesn't look like it matches the title? Word spelled wrong? PLEASE- we want to know! I'm only one person doing this website, and try as I might, I'm not yet as good as I'd like to be at catching my own errors. Find something, and there's even a coupon code in it for you! (No, I'm not hiding easter eggs on the site for you to go look for, by the way. Just a thank you to my fellow editors!) 

NOW, onto the BIG NEWS!

We're getting in a (new to us) designer this June, Giucy Giuce! 

This guy is all that and a bag of chips. He's from the five boroughs, so you know he has that going for him ;) and his color play and patterns are exactly what we've been wanting in our quilts. He also does a fantastic job of that sometimes elusive thing- not making a line either feminine or masculine. These prints appeal to ALL. Seriously you guys, I've been hoarding some of his stuff since he first started making fabric, and it's gorgeous! 

We also have a special connection because, as you may know, my paternal Grandmother was the "quilter" of the family (mom always sewed, but much more clothes until Grandma got her into quilting!) Well, Giuseppe also learned from his Grandmother! My grandma didn't teach me per se, but into her later years it turned into such a special bonding occasion for us to look at fabrics and patterns in catalogs in their quiet house. Giucy Giuce also does web and image-y stuff for Andover too... honestly, does this guy have any free time? (Oh, and check him out on Instagram here because his feed is always drool-worthy!)

His first collection, Quantum, featured a panel that made us swoon. (And you can get it here!) 

He blends geometry, science, even hidden code (in his next to latest line, Declassified) in his designs. 

I've wanted to bring him into our little "family" of designers for a bit, as you can tell. Why haven't I? Bringing on a line and a designer is quite an investment for a shop! I want to know their style, their vibe. This guy is now officially tried and true in my book. He works with the fabulous folks at Andover (one of only two companies we source fabric from because we're SO picky about the hand of our fabrics!) to make some amazing prints that we know YOU'LL be dying to add to your stash as much as we are dying to add it to ours!

What does this new collection look like?

It's called Prism, and, basically, it combines geometry and color theory in a beautiful harmony that I couldn't resist. 

These guys are some of my favorite prints- weirdly inspired by my LEAST favorite art theory project ever- painting 100 swatches of tints (color + white) and shades (color + black) of a single color. Available in 3 colors, Mint, Periwinkle, and Peach, swatch shows off the range of value available with, well, mostly one color! 

And, of course, the other one that stole our heart because RAINBOW Y'ALL!

Colors in Parchment (cream) and Charcoal (dark grey) It has antique handwriting next to the samples, as if an old color theory studier had astutely mixed and blended the colors, taking notes to preserve the hue for later use. We love it! So much!

And then there's "blenders" if you can call them that, that harken back to the splatter paint era of Jackson Pollock, and geometric linework that ties up the edges of this collection so neatly you just can't help but fall in love:

Gesture Painting a la Jackson Pollock, or, as they call it, Splatter, available in 4 colors, Sandstone and Rose shown:

Prism, the signature bearing print of the line, just has this perfect geometry and *just so* color blending. Available in 4 colors, but we'll just show you our favorite, Amethyst!

There's two other great prints in the line, but I wouldn't want to let all the cats out of the bag for you! (Psst- I already did. Find the whole collection here!

We hope sharing these beauties has brought some color to your day like it has to our week! This line ships early June, so we're doing our deposit method now- you pay 50% now, and 50% when it ships, plus a free nifty bonus of a 75pc mini charm pack of Denyse Schmidt modern solids with an order of over a yard in any combination of preorders, IE 4 fat quarters or 2 half yards. 

This guy is the freebie- also available when preordering our other June line, True Colors by Tula Pink! Look at all those colors and squares! 

Well, that's all for now! Thanks for reading along and admiring with us as we welcome Giucy Giuce into our small, tight knit family of designers we sell here at The Trendy Little Geek! Tula Pink, Alison Glass, Giucy Giuce.... who next? 

'Later loves!


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