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It's April, AKA The Trendy Little Geek herself here with some updates on how our May push to raise money for the Food Bank for NYC went!

As you know from our previous blog post on the subject, (Why would I leave a tip in a quilt store?) 25% of the purchase price of select solids and near solids in our SOLIDarity collection, as well as any additional tips on orders that we receive go to charity each month. May's chosen charity was Food Bank for NYC in light of the plight of New Yorkers facing food insecurity in the wake of COVID-19. Thank you SO MUCH for helping us achieve this, from myself and the many New Yorkers who will benefit. 

With your purchases and tips, we raised $74.16! (Of course we rounded it up to $75 because it would be weird to donate $74.16. It's a strange number.)


(Thank you screen grab because pics or it didn't happen IMO)


And now I'm going to update you on the June tip jar, and our new mission for funds raised from our SOLIDarity fabrics. 

Unfortunately, first, a few Trigger Warnings: Race in America, Police Violence and Killings

I truly believe that companies, no matter how big or how small, MUST stand up for their values. As the saying goes, "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything." While I never set out to be a strictly socially minded business, I would be remiss to say that I don't let my personal views influence my business dealings- who I buy from in regards to suppliers, how I treat my customers, and what I simply won't stand for. 

My deepest wish for this shop is to share love with each and every one of my customers, often in the form of fabric and some free stickers. Looking around this country the past week or so, I haven't seen much love. What I've seen and witnessed instead are the ugly truths of the continued killings of unarmed Black Americans by cops and others in positions of authority. It makes me sick. So I quilt to deal with it. But I can only quilt so much, and I think the power of this little business can do so much more. My husband once told me that my greatest fault in my work was that I was "Too April". Well, Cris, this is one time I'll be again obnoxiously and proudly too much of myself. 

In light of these events, this month's donations from the tip jar and SOLIDarity fabrics will be donated to The Liberty Project, a New York City-wide charity that helps those trapped in the prison system post bail. This means those who are accused of minor crimes like shoplifting don't rot in the prison system for years simply due to their financial inability to post bail- of course, this is an issue that disproportionately affects Black Americans. We believe that change that will impact communities of color is so large and multifaceted, but we know that this issue is a pretty solid place to start when it comes to taking a stand against the (somehow legal?) obstacles society has put in place to ensure inequality among the law. 

For more on WHY bail bond is such an issue: 

I'm really sorry to write such a downer post, I really am. But I think that silence at this point, about this issue, about racial justice in America RIGHT NOW is to be complicit with the deepest, ugliest side of human nature. I believe we *can* make small changes that WILL lead to a difference. Read up on your local judges- know if they're sending low-level offenders away needlessly! Speak up for your neighbors of color in situations when they feel (so very justifiably) unsafe. Keep your camera on you, and keep law enforcement accountable for FAIR treatment of ALL citizens, especially those of color. 

And lastly, I'll leave you with another video, one that Jimmy Kimmel played on his show that touched me so deeply- it is so many people that I know. 



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